More security issues

Due to the ever present attempts by bad lads to hack into this site I’ve had to remove the log in link.

If you already have an account you can still log in with it. You will need to go to a new address on the web site – go to (where xxxxxxx is the name of the French Lessons slow song that won the best song award at the Radio City Battle of the Bands). If that doesn’t make sense to you, email me at “info at frenchlessons dot org” and I will send you the link.

If you are new to the site you can ask for a log on by emailing me (again at “info at frenchlessons dot org”).

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Boring admin stuff

We’ve been bombarded by a vast number of failed log-in attempts recently (over 200 in the last 24 hours).
These have all been against a specific User ID taken from the “Posted by” links that appear under each post or comment.
Because of this I’ve had to disable that information for Users that aren’t logged into the site.
So, you will have to register and log in before you can see who’s posted something.
It’s something you have to do anyway to comment.

Sorry if this causes any inconvenience but the only alternative is to take away the ability for people to create accounts.

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No, not a typo Junkmale is Doug and Robbie’s new project.
Nip over there and follow the links to download the new album.

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Just in time for Christmas

There are some French Lessons Videos now if you follow the link on the videos page to Youtube. Some from the Empire and some from a benefit gig we did for the Bradford Fire Disaster.

HOMEWORK and REEL MUSIC have both been remastered just before the last of the oxide fell off the tapes and those along with the unreleased French Lessons stuff will be available through Itunes and Amazon early 2014.

The new stuff that Doug and Rob have been doing is nearly finished and should be out again on Itunes and Amazon by the end of January or as soon as we can think of a good name for the band, any offers?

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We are receiving a lot of spam registrations at the moment. For a while these were from obscure Polish domains but, sadly, the latest batch are from I’ve had to block the domain for a while.

If you want an account, and you want to register a address, email at
info at frenchlessons dot org

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Nearly Christmas and ten new tracks!

Hello everybody, Christmas is nearly here…………….again, There are some updates on the new stuff pages, remixes, and changes and also another new song “Wonderland” which is my current favourite, but then I always say that about the newest tune. I hope you like what’s here, give us some feed back, it’s always good. Merry Christmas!

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New stuff escaped

Hi All,

We thought maybe you might have been wondering what we have been up to for the last aeon or so , so we have decided to let you into the new tunes we have and still are working on, none of them are finished as will become clear but it would be useful to know what you think as they are in essence the same as we used to do but in actuality treated a bit differently, tell us what you think.

Cheers, Rob and Doug

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Fallen Heroes

If you can make it to New Brighton Rugby Club (Reeds Lane, Moreton, Wirral) on Saturday 14th May 2011, you can see Fallen Heroes playing a set that will include some French Lessons songs. The band are due on stage at 8 o’clock.

Rob and Keith were in Fallen Heroes prior to French Lessons. Keith’s place in the band is now filled by Pete, who originally was the bass player.

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March, In like a Lion out like a Lamb?

Heading for spring and Easter still not yet got any of the new stuff finished but I might put some of the half finished stuff up on MP3 so you can tell us what you think, would you like that?

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Seasons Greeting

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our visitors.

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