Head over to the Gigs page for some of the places we’ve played.

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After all this time

There’s some new songs on the way. Have a look at what Robbie has to say about them.

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Life is simpler

The old site was hand crafted using Macromedia Dreamweaver 8. This was easy for me but proved a bit of a problem for Rob. Besides not being a programmer Rob would need his own copy of Dreamweaver or Contribute to work on the site. We did have a copy of Dreamweaver that Rob could use, provided as part of the Package from 1and1, but he’d need training. Training never happened, either or both of us were always not available.
So, what to do? Well, we could have plodded on and not got anywhere or tried another approach.

That approach turned out to be to use WordPress 3.0.

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If you’re looking for the original (current) site…

This new version of the site is still being built. So, please nip off to the full version.

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