Willie the Kid

Lovers meet in unexpected places,
Sunday morning at the laundromat.
She had a smile like the Mona Lisa,
he had a temper like a wild-cat.
She was looking for the road to freedom,
he was looking for a steady girl.
Just a couple of desperadoes,
thrown together in this crazy world.

Willie took her to the west end places,
where all the pretty young faces go.
Though tried his best to please here,
disaster came and laid him low.
Millionaire from across the ocean
asked his girl — did she want to dance?
She was blinded by the flash of diamonds,
true love didn’t stand a chance.

Hey, Willie, there goes your romance.

Willie saw them from across the dance floor,
he started shouting like a crazy man:
“You’ve got your money, you’ve got my woman,
“and now I’m gonna kill you if I can.”
Millionaire never knew what hit him,
he tried to run but he was too slow.
Willie took him right across the table,
out through the window to the street below.

What a way to go…

On the run with a stolen shotgun
hear the sirens screaming in the night.
Somebody shouting at him from the darkness:
“Come on Willie, don’t put up a fight.”
As the prison gates close behind him,
ten years is a long, long time.
Lovers meet in unexpected places,
either side of the freedom line.

What a waste of time. What a waste of time.

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