French Lessons released 2 cassette albums and one double sided 7″ single.

Cassette Albums

Homework was recorded at Square One Studios, Davies Street, Liverpool, between August 1981 and March 1982. It was produced by Pete Peewee Coleman and duplicated by Rainhill Tape Specialists. Pete went on to work with and produce Echo and the Bunnymen, The Charlatans, The Christians, OMD, Mighty Wah and The Lightening Seeds. Catch up with Pete on MySpace.

Side one of Reel Music was recorded at Corndon House Studios, Birkenhead, in December 1982 and engineered by Dave Hughes. Side two was recorded at Amazon Studios, Liverpool, in November 1982 and Engineered by Gil Norton. Gill worked with a similar range of artists as Pete which, working in Liverpool at the same time, is not surprising. He went on to produce AC/DC,The Pixies, The Foo Fighters, Del Amitiri and many more. You can catch up with Gil at All tracks on Reel Music were mixed and mastered at Corndon House Studios, December 1982 by French Lessons.


  • Side One
    1. Anytown
    2. Poor Little Rich Girl
    3. Social Insecurity
    4. Planet 3
    5. Nursery Crimes
  • Side Two
    1. Timebomb
    2. Willie the Kid
    3. Don’t Believe in Rainbows
    4. Badlands
    5. Tables are Turning

Reel Music

  • Side One
    1. Only a Broken Heart
    2. Return of the Kid
    3. The Jogger
    4. Midnight Cabaret
    5. Don’t Believe in Rainbows
  • Side Two
    1. Protect and Survive
    2. Mr. Zero
    3. Anonymous
    4. Dream Street


The double A side 7″ vinyl single Red Light Girls/Ticket to Nowhere was recorded at Studio 1 in Saughall. It was engineered by Pete Coleman, produced by French Lessons and released in 1984. This single was released by Attic records. In its release week it outsold Frankie Goes to Hollywood¬† ………………………..for a week …………….in Liverpool.

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