Unreleased Songs

There are a number of songs which were gigged and recorded and were due to appear on the third Album, provisionally titled Still No Deal. Some appeared on a CD entitled Double which was briefly available about 10 years ago but none of them were ever mastered. The multi-tracks have been digitised and can now be remixed and mastered and will be available soon. They all feature Ronnie, Keith, Doug, Tony and Rob.

The tracks are: The Smile, Gimme a Sign, Goodbye Games, Head in the Sand, Hearts on Fire, Home Movies, Money Talks, American Dream, Buy me a Miracle, Hey Gringo, I don’t Need You, Love is War, Millennium, Steppin off the World, Stranger in my Room, Whitehouse and Women are Smart.

Home Movies and Head in the Sand were both performed on the late Phil Easton’s Sounding In radio show and produced by Steve Morris (Export and Gillan). Many of the other songs were gigged but some were not performed outside the sudio.

Tasters for all these tracks will apprear as MP3s on this site when we finish them.

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