After all this time

There’s some new songs on the way. Have a look at what Robbie has to say about them.

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  1. Phil says:

    Good to see your back ! Saw the band many times & was pleased to find your old site a while back . Appreciate being able to download the old albums , long since lost or broken .
    Good luck with the future.

  2. Kevin says:

    Where did you see the band Phil?

    • Phil says:

      Mostly at the Dale but also the Shepherds in Union St. & varios other pubs & clubs , regular haunts included the Dale ,Black Horse , Labour Club in Seacombe ,
      Sir James , Peepers & the Empress amongst others.
      A different band nearly every night of the week.
      Local pirate stations like MAR & Veronica supported the local music scene , advertising gigs & playing their music .

      • Kevin says:

        If you were a regular ay all those places (the Dale in particular) we probably know each other – by sight, if nothing else.
        Who else do you remember from that time? I was a big fan of Thunderboots and also Sneex (or however it was spelt).

        • Phil says:

          Dick Smith Band – Politburo – Alternative Radio – Engine – Hoi Polloi – Attempted Moustache – Cook Da Books – Thin Edge Of The Wedge – Street Legal – Afraid Of Mice – No Exit , many others whose names I no longer remember . The Dale was probably the best place to see live music back then & no doubt we must have seen each other around .

  3. zigzagwanderer says:

    Main memory of Attempted Moustache is of the singer wearing (the outer case)a tele on his head !

    • Kevin says:

      I seem to remember him singing a song through some wooden bars, maybe the cut-up side of a cot, as if he was in prison.
      I’d forgotten all about them.

    • justme says:

      My god this site brings back memories.I used to go and see the lessons quite a lot mainly in the dale.I remember seeing Attempted Moustache too, the singer indeed had a telly on his head he was also in a wheelchair ,That was in the shepherds rest. Mr.Zero and Experimental Gardens were also faves of mine wallasey used to be great for live music…

  4. zigzagwanderer says:

    All this has brought back a lot of memories but some names escape me ,what was the name of the group whose male vocalist used to do a monologue , complete with sound effects,called ‘The Small Room’? Think they may have been from Ellesmere Port & had a girl singer ,Josie?

  5. zigzagwanderer says:

    If that’s the case hopefully someone will come across a tape & post it somewhere.

  6. Kevin says:

    I’ve been told that I had a copy of one of the tapes. I’ve no recollection of this so I’m going to have to do some digging.

  7. zigzagwanderer says:

    Get digging,if you find it I’ll be more than happy to buy you a pint or two !

  8. Kevin says:

    Don’t hold your breath, I’m not sure I did have a copy and no idea where it is if I have!

  9. zigzagwanderer says:

    Just a quick visit to wish you all the best this Christmas & the New Year .

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