Just in time for Christmas

There are some French Lessons Videos now if you follow the link on the videos page to Youtube. Some from the Empire and some from a benefit gig we did for the Bradford Fire Disaster.

HOMEWORK and REEL MUSIC have both been remastered just before the last of the oxide fell off the tapes and those along with the unreleased French Lessons stuff will be available through Itunes and Amazon early 2014.

The new stuff that Doug and Rob have been doing is nearly finished and should be out again on Itunes and Amazon by the end of January or as soon as we can think of a good name for the band, any offers?

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4 Responses to Just in time for Christmas

  1. Dawn says:

    Hey Rob/Doug

    Hope you are well and had a good Xmas and New Year!

    Great to hear you can get your French Lessons fix on Amazon this year 🙂

    Ron’s Dawn

    • Rob says:

      Hi Dawn
      Sorry I have been a bit slow getting back to you.
      I have remixed the Lessons album just need to edit them a little and also one track is lost altogether, I suppose thats to be expected in the time elapsed. There are some videos too, this link might work http://www.youtube.com/user/Fallenheroes6 or is you search for RObbie Cross on youtube it should get there.
      I hope you and your Mum are well.

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Robbie

    Sorry I’ve been even slower in replying back to you!

    Yes me and mum are fine thanks. She’s not long sold the house in Prenton. I’ve told her about the footage on You Tube.

    I’ve been going through some cds I have and I’ve got Digital Watch and Children of the Wind, Goodbye Games, Head in the Sand, Stranger in my Room, Hearts on Fire, Redlight Girls and Ticket to Nowhere on my pc, some of them are live and don’t think i’ve seen them on the website? if you’ve not got digial copies of them?

    My email is vibella101uk@sky.com in case i don’t see a reply on here very quickly…..

    Can’t believe it’s 5 years this April.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Dawn
      I do have some other versions of the tunes you have and as soon as I get them fixed up I will email you. I have to finish some new things that Doug and I Have been doing first, should have had them done by then of Jan, tra la. How the time flies, and as you say 5 years, seems like a short time and a long time at the same time if you know what I mean.
      Where is your Mum living now? It must be 3 years since we saw her last, glad she is well.
      Talk to you soon. Robbie

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